Wetland Laws and Regulations

Wetlands Protection Act MGL Chapter 131, Section 40

The Wetland Protection Act (WPA) was enacted into Massachusetts General Law in 1972. This act establishes the protection of Wetlands as resources areas and the public interests they serve, such as flood control, stormwater drainage, protection of water supplies, fisheries, wildlife habitat, and much more. 

310 CMR 10.00 

310 CMR 10.00 contain the regulations of the WPA, definitions of activities and terminology used in the act, as well as performance standards determined at the State level. 

Minor Exempt Activities (PDF) 

After review by the Conservation Department, the activities listed here may be exempt from needing a permit under the Wetland Protection Act. 

Wetlands Bylaw (PDF)

Westborough's Wetlands Bylaws have been implemented for the purpose of protecting the wetlands, water resources, flood prone areas, and adjoining upland areas. These regulations include the performance standards of activities deemed by the Conservation Commission as likely to have a significant or cumulative effect on resource area values, including but not limited to the following: public or private water supply, groundwater supply, flood control, erosion and sedimentation control, storm damage prevention, water quality, prevention and control of pollution, fisheries, wildlife habitat, rare species habitat including rare plant and animal species, agriculture, aquaculture, and recreation values, deemed important to the community. Wetland Bylaws are reviewed on a regular basis and consider town resident and other Westborough communities input in it's development.

Local Wetland Regulations

The Wetlands Bylaw Regulations (PDF) contains regulations that implementation Westborough's Wetland Bylaws .