Downtown Development Plan

The Town of Westborough is excited to announce that we have released a Request for Proposals to provide a downtown development plan.  The purpose of the project is to reimagine how the downtown can be transformed into a destination for the Westborough community and neighboring towns.

The goals of this project are to: 

  • Develop a long-term, comprehensive plan for attracting and retaining diverse, sustainable businesses that contribute to a community development philosophy of “Placemaking," with priority given to the revitalization of the Downtown area, an existing commercial area; 
  • Identify and address zoning challenges that prevent the sustainable build-out of economic potential; 
  • Capitalize on the many natural, recreational, cultural, and historical assets as a magnet to attract tourism and create/retain complementary small businesses.

The RFP can be accessed here.

The Map of the Downtown Business District is available here.