Public Transportation

Westborough is 29 miles west of Boston and 12 miles east of Worcester. We have our own stop on the MBTA Commuter Rail and a WRTA Shuttle that will pick you up at the train station in the morning and drop you off at the office.

Local Public Transit Services

Westborough's investment in public transportation provides residents with alternatives to driving that are both convenient and environmentally friendly. The Westborough Shuttle, operated by the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA), is an essential service within the town. It offers fixed-route bus services that connect residents to local shopping centers, medical facilities, residential areas, and business parks. The shuttle also provides easy access to the Westborough MBTA station, creating a seamless link for those looking to travel further afield.

The town is continuously looking to enhance its public transit offerings. One of the most exciting prospects is the development of the Boston Worcester Air Line Trail (BWALT). This multi-use path will provide a safe and scenic route for non-motorized transportation, connecting communities and potentially integrating with public transit systems for greater accessibility. Expansion plans like this not only improve local connectivity but also encourage residents to opt for public transportation over driving, thereby reducing traffic and emissions.

Regional and Statewide Public Transportation

Beyond the local shuttle, Westborough residents have access to broader public transportation options that facilitate travel across Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) operates the Commuter Rail service, which is a key asset for Westborough commuters. The Framingham/Worcester Line stops at Westborough station, offering a direct and efficient route into Boston and other major hubs. The commuter rail is a practical choice for daily commuting or occasional visits to the city, allowing passengers to avoid the stress and environmental impact of driving in heavy traffic.

Massachusetts’ commitment to public transportation is also reflected in the ongoing investments in infrastructure and service improvements. For example, the MBTA has been working on upgrading rail lines, adding new trains, and enhancing accessibility. These efforts are designed to make public transit an even more attractive option for residents, potentially shifting habits away from car dependency.

By utilizing these public transit services, Westborough residents can significantly contribute to reducing traffic congestion and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing public transportation is not only a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle but also offers the opportunity to relax, read, or work during your commute, turning travel time into productive or leisure time. As the town and the state continue to invest in and expand public transportation options, it becomes increasingly viable for residents to leave their cars at home and embrace a more sustainable commute.

Public Transit Information