Online Permitting

Access the PermitPro Online Permitting System.

 Anyone can use PermitPro to:

  • Apply for a permit
  • Check the status of a permit
  • Review permits on properties

Incomplete Applications will not be reviewed until all required forms and payment have been submitted - Please refer to the Building Permits dropdown tab to the left of the webpage for further direction, forms and requirements.  

You may check back online within 1-2 business days to see what forms are missing as well as track the approval status from each required Department. If you receive a "thumbs down" approval status, hover over the icon and you will see what requirements have not been met.

You will receive an email when the permit card is ready for pickup. Permit cards must be posted on the job site or an inspection will not occur.

Certificates of Occupancy - are provided upon request, please allow 72 hours for paperwork to be processed and Certificates to be issued