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Block Party / Street Closure Permit

  1. Please fill out this form in it's entirety.


    • Neighbors within the detour area are not inconvenienced in any way.
    • Emergency vehicles must have access to all areas within the neighborhood.
    • The area must be cleaned up after the function.
    • If the police are called to the function for a disturbance, drunkenness, or any other violation of the Westborough by-law or Massachusetts General Law, the permit will be revoked by the officer in charge.
    • The permit does not waive the Westborough by-law prohibiting the use of alcohol on town property or the open container law.
  2. Please enter the exact location of the event with the street number and name.

  3. If music is being played, please enter the type of music and how the music will be played. (Stereo/phone / PA System).

  4. Enter the full name of the person that can be contacted before and during the event.

  5. Contact person's phone number, home and cell are preferred.

  6. Please describe what area is going to be blocked off. For example Cross Street at Ruggles and Cross at School Street.

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